Indians are known for their abundance and generosity. We celebrate all occasions, big or small; Be it festivals,  weddings, birthday, ceremonies, business deals or even arrival of guests, none of it is complete without the mandatory mithai.

Keeping up with this legacy we offer you our range of traditional sweets that come from experienced Chefs who have been practicing the art of sweet-making for generations.As our family hails from Rajasthan, we also offer you our range of authentic Marwari sweets along with traditional sweets from all corners of the country.

Kaju Katli
Kesar Kaju Katli
Gulab Sandwich
Dryfruit Katli
Tiranga Dryfruit Katli
Gulab Sandwich
Dryfruit Chikki

Kaju Pista Roll
Kaju Pista Patra
Kesar Kaju Pista Patra
Kaju Kesar Paan
Badam Katli
Kesar Dryfruit Vati
Kaju Puri

Dryfruit Mohini
Kaju Pista Gul
Kaju Anjeer Crunch
Kaju Gulab Crunch
Sugarfree Anjeer Barfi
Sugarfree Kaju Badam Barfi